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About Alexandra Windsong

A gifted healer and intuitive, Alexandra has been working with clients in this capacity since 1995.

Sessions with Alexandra are tailored to your specific needs and goals. As an intuitive, Alexandra is adept at assisting you in determining which service, or services, may best fit your needs.
Services include energy work and energy balancing, , life coaching, Reiki and intuitive energy healing, flower essences, spiritual healing, and intuitive readings. For a complete list of services and fees, click here.

Alexandra believes in the power and empowerment of the individual. We are all powerful. We are all divine. And each of us has the power to be whole and at peace - to be healed. Being a healer is not about fixing people. It is about helping them discover and connect with the essence of who they really are, to bring their lives and their being into harmony with their own divine nature.

Alexandra's clients come to her for a wide variety of issues such as:  healing physically, mentally and emotionally; personal growth and development; clarity and life direction; and finding their own personal spiritual connection and path.

Alexandra also teaches classes, facilitates experiential workshops and retreats and leads a weekly meditation group at The Owl Nest in Frederick, MD. 
Click here to view the calendar of events for the current schedule of offerings.

Alexandra has released six meditation CD's and is also a talented singer/songwriter and artist. Her digital photography is currently on display at The Owl Nest in Frederick, MD where she also sees her clients and teaches many of her classes..

Prior to 1996, Alexandra worked for 10 years as  a researcher in the areas of retroviral genetics, gene therapy and cancer immunotherapy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, a Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish, and a Master of Science in Biomedical Science from Hood College in Frederick, MD.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Alexandra at 301-606-2607 or by email.